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Company Profile

Rohan Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturer of Plastic items for Pharmaceutical industry, Hotel industry, Pipes sector and Household sector. It also undertakes labour job for various companies

The business of the concern has grown over the years. The company has two Injection Moulding Machines. The capacity of the machine is 120 gm. It also has the accessories like Cooling tower, Mixer, Grinder and Oven

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    The concern can manufacture 2,00,000 measuring cups of 10 ml and 5 ml for the Pharmaceutical industry per day

  • Hotel Industry

    The concern can manufacture 20,000 polystyrene cups of 110 ml with polypropylene lid

  • Metal pipe protective rings

    The concern can manufacture 50,000 pipe protective rings for metal pipes of various sizes

  • Household items

    The concern can manufacture polystyrene container for Chocolates, polypropylene containers for kitchen and for storing vegetables and groceries. Customer need products can also be made on order

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