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To deliver only the very best of high grade products and derive customer delight.

Company Profile

Mercury Electrodes (P) Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Welding Electrodes. Their products are screened through strict quality control keeping the user in mind to handle it comfortably and safely. Their Factory is technically well equipped with latest machinery, skilled and talented staff to produce quality products. Products of Mercury Electrodes (P) Limited are accepted through out the country . The company has its Head Office in Chennai ,Tamil nadu and boasts of the most technologically advanced manufacturing tools and machinery that cater to a large segment of the Engineering Market.

The Company is committed to serve you with total satisfaction, High Quality, Effective Service and With Latest product Range. Keeping in mind the trends in the Engineering Industry that reinforces the necessity and importance of the 'best of breed' electrodes that will withstand harsh and high pressure impacts , the company is steadfastly progressing towards manufacturing of Special Electrodes which will enhance the usability of the electrodes under extreme circumstances.

The promoter of the company being a technocrat put more emphasis on quality of products along with the quantity. Hence, within a short span of six years the company has received approvals from many inspection authorities. Due to its commitment for consistency in quality and supplies today, the company has the proud privilege of a strong customer base in India , especially down South. The company has tied up with leading Laboratories in the city of Chennai that hae testing facilities like chemical laboratory, mechanical testing laboratory and welding laboratory. The user feedback is taken on a periodic basis and the company strives to meet the end users expectations in quality Each batch produced is tested with respect to consistency in quality in all the three laboratories.

Mercury Electrodes Private Limited Chennai has set benchmarks in the Welding Electrode manufacturing and distribution and has emerged successful , with the unparalleled support from it its dedicated work crew and technicians.

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