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Company Profile

Mehul Enterprises, established in 1997, has earned a name and respect in the national market of Jeans. Five years ago, in a small place of 10ft x 10ft, a dream was born and five wheels of second hand sewing machines were set on movement. Today, after five years Mehul Enterprises has grown up into a medium size industry house occupying seven thousand sq ft area in the bylane of Mumbai Suburb Andheri. Metallic music of more than 75 machines echoing through out a day, running more than 150 kitchens and producing 12000 to 15000 bottom wears in a period of one month. This was possible only because of a visionary leadership and untiring efforts of dedicated team which has grown to a solid army of 150 trained and skilled workers.

Mehul Enterprises is a success story of Shri Jagdish Mane who has worked in all sections and departments of denim production from selecting and purchasing fabric to packaging the product and marketing it. This dedicated work has enhanced his vision, his sense for timing, his understanding for importance of perfection and understanding for competencies. Mehul Enterprises never looked back from that moment.


The Market

The products of Mehul Enterprises are available in all reowned stores with a touch of class, in Metros as well as in big cities from Kashmir to Kerala and from Mumbai to Etanagar, as they are very much sought after by enhancing young generation.


Mehul Enterprises is aware of changing concept of lifestyle of new generation. Thus, its creative department has sophisticated strategic plans to create and produce exciting new feathers, using advanced computerized technology, to give more choice to consumers.

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