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Company Profile

MARITIME SERVICES has long believed that the key to success in the ship agency business is diversification. To that end, we have expanded our geographical coverage and our customer base so that the company as a whole is not held hostage by an economic downturn in one particular area or one particular business sector.

As such, we have a worldwide customer base (a mix of both owners and charterers) that sends us ships of all types and sizes carrying almost all commodities imported and exported by vessel to or from any destination

All employees utilize a sophisticated electronic mail network which ensures rapid and cost effective communications. In addition, both senior and local management devote extensive time toward shipowner advocacy associations as well as keeping our principals well informed. Our hope is that by helping to enable owners and charterers to succeed in their business contracts we may share in the prosperity of trade

Our core business is vessel husbandry, and in order to avoid conflicts of interest, we do not solicit tramp cargo or broker space. We upgrade our communication devices on a regular basis to take advantage of the latest technologies. We are also a very politically active company believing that as ship agents, it is our responsibility to help maintain a healthy business and regulatory environment for our customers.

In addition to our core business of vessel husbandry, we will from time to time also invest in other maritime enterprises.

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