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Company Profile

The company went on stream in 1956 manufacturing F.H.P, motors, Amplifiers, Rectifiers, Arclamps and Exhaust Fans for the cinema industry. The quality-culture in the organization, reflected in its products, saw the company take rapid strides. It held an impregnable position for 30 long years. With the advent of video on a massive scale, the company diversified its activities and concentrated on a wide range of fans and air circulators. Possessing a strong technical expertise and a passion for continuous improvements, the company is all set to provide breezier days to its customers.

The company caters to the domestic, commercial and the industrial sectors through a wide variety and range of fans viz, Wall Fans, Pedestal Fans, Table Fans etc., The vital assemblies of above varieties of fans generally grouped as Motor-Gear Box-Blade-Motor Mounting Arrangements-Pedestal/Bracket Assemblies.


WINDING : Well distributed winding for rational torque - Class 'E' insulation - polyester base super enameled copper windings impregnated in high temperature thermosetting varnish.
STATOR : Packs of burr-free laminations punched from cold electrical rolled steel sheet produced on precision tooling.
BALL BEARING : Deep grooved, grade one, both sides sealed and pre-lubricated for longer life, silent in operation and larger load-carrying capacity.

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