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DYNAMIC MOTORS AND SERVICES are the manufacturers of single suction (SISW) and double suction (DIDW) centrifugal blowers with built in outer rotor induction motor. These blowers are designed and manufactured with indigenous technology, by a team of quality conscious and dedicated employees.

MOTOR : The compact outer rotor induction motor is housed inside the impeller and casing. The motor is cooled by the inlet air, which helps compactness in the design. The motors are provided with class B insulation as standard. Class F insulation can be provided on request.

IMPELLER : The impeller are made out of steel sheet and zinc electroplated for single suction blowers and made out of aluminum sheet for double suction blowers.

CASTINGS : Castings are made out of steel sheet, passivated and painted. Epoxy powder coating can be provided on request.

MOUNTING : The low weight and compact size of the blowers help mounting on the flange at the air outlet side. Noseparate brackets are required for mounting. To facilitate joining ducts to the suction side of the blower, flanges at extra cost can be supplied.

DYNAMIC BALANCING : The rotor-impeller assembly is dynamically balanced for vibration free running. The impellers are fitted polarized so that dynamic balancing is not affected in the event of removal of impeller from the rotor.

QUALITY ASSURANCE : The blowers are conforming to IS-4894-1968. Our quality system begins at the design stage. Proper process is adapted at every stage to ensure productivity and consistency in quality. Jigs fixtures and tool are employed extensively to achieve the quality standards. In house testing facility is available to conduct type tests and routine on blowers and motors.

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