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Company Profile

Established in 1931, Danabhai started what was going to be a flourishing family business, in the prime location of Zaveri bazar in Bombay city. They began with crafting exquisite Minakari jewellery which was a rage at that time. From their humble beginnings in Minakari, Danabhai jewellers and Sons soon adopted an impressive gamut of concepts and designs in jewellery, characteristic of various regions of the country.

The Danabhai products are sold through their 3 major outlets in Mumbai, at Zaveri bazar, Santa cruz, and Pallazio.

Master craftsmen from all over India, with specific skills in jewellery designing, are responsible for producing the intricate designs that Danabhai is famous for.

Truly the pride of India's collection, the fine and unusual jewellery has assured Danabhai, an ever-growing clientele not only in India, but also in Europe, America, the Far east and the Middle East.

At Danabhai, silver jewellery from Italy and Germany competes with 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt gold jewellerty.

Silverina, silver jewellery from Italy, is very popular with the young and the young-at-heart. Idar, gem-studded silver jewellery from Germany, is well appreciated by anyone with a discerning eye for style combined with class.

The 18ktr gold jewellery, known as Euro 18, is sourced from Italy and some other European countries. The necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in this collection showcase the most contemporary designs worldwide.

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