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Company Profile

Consafe is formed in 1988 as a private limited company by engineers having long experience in the field of projects, process scale up, research & development, modernization, industrial safety & environment management, total quality management, energy conservation etc.

This enables the company to serve

  • The existing industries in upgrading their facility as well as quality of the human resource and reduce the cost of production.
  • The industry trying to set up new projects by the rich experience in the process / project engineering & project management

Till date this company has served the Indian industry falling under following categories
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals & fine chemicals
  • Dyestuff, pigment & intermediates
  • Pharmaceuticals, bulk drug intermediates
  • Rubber chemicals & intermediates
  • Peroxides, organic oxides & solvents
  • Distillery, sugar, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, diketene & other chemicals from acetic acid/ acetaldehyde
  • Food processing, food preservation, disinfection, extraction, concentration,
  • Meat preservation, chicken preservation by CO2 application
  • Edible / non edible oil industry
  • Polymer industry
  • Dairy

OUR Vision

To be an organization with high technical and financial strength achieved through

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Market leadership through innovative services, superior technologies of excellent and predefined quality requirements
  • Strong financial performance
  • World class people & their services
  • High Business ethics, Professionalism & Integrity
  • Meeting global quality requirement like those in ISO

Quality & Excellence

We are committed to achieve excellence in all the areas of the services we offer. The quality policy will undergo changes to meet the changing customer requirements about excellence. Our quality policy is flexible, revisable. We take immediate steps to train our concerned people to produce it.

Quality Policy

We are committed to deliver defect free services in agreed time to our Customers. We have adopted Total Quality Management systems & the office work automation to produce repeatedly identical results.


Associates training to deliver services of desired quality right in time, error free is taken up.

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